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Meet the Artist & Yogi

My name is Natalie Collins, the Chief Visionary Officer of Zen Mind Crystals. I have been a yogi for 12 years, and an intuitive creator for 6 years. Zen Mind Crystals was born from my spiritual awakening in 2018 after getting clean and sober, when my third eye was pouring creative designs into my consciousness. I have found zen and expression in each of my crafts, hence the name Zen Mind. :)

I offer wholesale purchasing and one on one wire wrapping and electroforming lessons via Zoom and in person.

I have always been happiest when I am helping others. By birthing beauty into the world and providing unique adornment and meditation tools, I feel more connected to the Earth, the cosmos, and all of their inhabitants. I strive to provide means of self expression and connection with the highest self through one of a kind, customizable crystal and gemstone jewelry & accessories.

As a private yoga instructor, my yoga practice has been a huge inspiration. Yoga has been a huge part of my life for 12 years now. I have spent 3 out 12 years of asana yoga practice doing acro-yoga & almost 6 years doing hot yoga.

I briefly taught yoga at a local studio, but now teach private yoga sessions at home, outside, in studio, and via zoom. Private sessions include vinyasa flow for beginners, intermediate, and advanced practice, prenatal yoga, restorative or yin yoga, and elderly chair yoga.

My truest passion in life is helping others and raising the vibration of the collective consciousness one zen mind at a time, in any and every capacity.

Love & Light


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